Tridents can be difficult khổng lồ get in Minecraft và players will need to lớn take good care of them by learning how lớn repair the damage they take.

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Minecraft can be surprisingly dangerous, & players will want lớn find a nice weapon lớn keep them safe. The Trident is a solid melee & ranged weapon that is good for people who want lớn ensure their safety while adventuring in dangerous places. While Tridents can be improved with enchantments, they cannot be crafted, so players will want khổng lồ take great care of them và repair them often.

An important tool for repairing the Trident will be the crafting table, as it will offer players a simple way to lớn get the job done. Players can combine two damaged Tridents on a crafting table lớn repair them, although this will remove any enchantments they happen to lớn benefit from, so it is not ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá.

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How khổng lồ Repair a Trident in Minecraft

Thankfully, that is not the only way lớn repair a Trident in Minecraft. Players also have the option of combing a damaged Trident with a new one at an anvil. The benefit to lớn this is that the enchantments on the trident will be preserved if there are any, & players won"t lose some potentially very strong advantages. Players with two Tridents who need repair và who are not worried about losing enchantments can place them both in a grindstone khổng lồ get back one perfect Trident.

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Minecraft: Dream Decision Upheld

The final way to lớn repair a Trident is by using the mending enhancement khổng lồ fix it. Mending enhancement books can be found by fishing, looting chests, trading with villagers, or by turning a villager into a Librarian. Players can then place the Trident into an anvil & place the mending book in another slot.

Players who don"t have a Trident will need to get one from a Drowned, one of the most terrifying hostile mobs in Minecraft. Drowned are zombies who have sầu met their end in bodies of water & can spawn in any ocean biome or river biome at light màn chơi seven or less. If a player kills a Drowned, it will have sầu a small chance to drop a Trident. This is the only way to get a Trident, và they cannot be crafted or obtained by any other means.

While it is possible for players lớn throw a Trident as a ranged attachồng, then piông xã the Trident bachồng up, it is impossible for players lớn piông xã up Tridents that have sầu been thrown by a Drowned. As such, the only way to get them is with some good old-fashioned mob farming near water.

Minecraft is available now on thiết bị di động, New Nintenvì chưng 3DS, Nintenvày Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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