consortium nghia la gi

Monarchical approbation of statutes of admission of noble consortia had not been customary.

All contributors were given a complete copy of the biological material to lớn be sequenced, and quality standards were phối by the consortium as a whole.

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These smallest fabric elements most likely are formed by the early cementation of a complex consortium of mat-building cyanobacteria, heterotrophic bacteria and eucaryotic algae.

Professional organisations, consortia, journals, and discussion boards should take up this topic in earnest.

Canadian regulations require characterisation and monitoring of all consortia used for bioaugmentation in environmental remediation.

So far as we could tell, no-one in the laboratory was accusing the firms in the industrial consortium of having pulled a fast one.

European consortia have been supported in technical development and investigations.

Individual bacterial cells have limited access to lớn the nutrient supply and limited space for growth inside the large cell consortia.

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The consortium adhered to lớn tradition : political rights remained attached to lớn nobility, regardless of origin.

The consortium is similar to lớn the steering committee of a business, making strategic decisions (often technical) regarding the development of the project.

The consortia living in the microbial mats would have included heterotrophic as well as chemolithotrophic organisms.

As with most natural bacterial populations, soil consortia are attached to lớn surfaces where they grow as highly structured communities in biofilms.

The process also contributed to lớn the formation of a consortium among the participating organizations.

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Considerable research had been carried out during the 1930s by a consortium formed in 1928.

Early efforts described development of unrestricted monospecies consortia, often considering diffusion and reaction of a single solute species.

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