as a consequence la gi

Từ điển kể từ đồng nghĩa: những kể từ đồng nghĩa tương quan, trái ngược nghĩa, và những ví dụ
  • resultHis firing was a direct result of his refusal to tát follow the employment policies.
  • effectThe radiation leak has had a disastrous effect on the environment.
  • consequenceFailure to tát bởi proper safety checks may have serious consequences.
  • outcomeIt's too early to tát predict the outcome of the meeting.
  • upshotThe upshot of the discussions is that there will be no further redundancies.
  • end resultThe over result of these changes should be a more efficient system for dealing with complaints.

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 of little/no consequence C1 (also not of any/much consequence)

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SMART Vocabulary: những kể từ tương quan và những cụm kể từ

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consequence | Từ điển Anh Mỹ

consequence noun (RESULT)

consequence noun (IMPORTANCE)

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Các ví dụ của consequence


The points of view of individual writers are as a consequence their own, and bởi not reflect the opinion of the editorial board.

In practice the pace of expenditure and deficit reduction was in advance of that planned and as a consequence tax relaxation was possible.

The abolitionist was, constitutionally speaking, neither officer nor prisoner and as a consequence may stand for the ordinary citizen - "society," the people at large.

The unsatisfactory housing of these older people can be expected to tát have consequences for their physical and psychological well-being.

The fitness consequences of bearing domatia and having the right ant partner: experiments with protective and non-protective ants in a semi-myrmecophyte.

It is, rather, a trivial consequence of the way in which the terms "distal representations" and "representations of events" are defined.

Such reports highlight consequences that affect development prospects in general.

Facts that have such consequences are, so sánh to tát speak, ' embedded ' in the world's past, as part of the causal processes leading up to tát the present.

As a consequence, three distinct occupational roles now exist within the profession, one integrated and two specialised.

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It stresses the need people have to tát learn from the consequences of their choices.

As a consequence the editors did not leave much space for culture in the sense of aesthetic and symbolic representation.

They are all straightforward consequences of the definitions.

Finally, the extent of negative consequences of a disorder can vary as a function of normative developmental trajectories.

As a consequence, the production of security suffered from a lack of specialization.

This omission could have serious consequences for the vitality of a bill of rights.

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Các cụm kể từ với consequence

Các kể từ thông thường được dùng cùng theo với consequence.

Bấm vào trong 1 cụm kể từ nhằm coi tăng những ví dụ của cụm kể từ bại.

adverse consequence

The policy nexus has as an additional adverse consequence: the concentration of impoverished populations with few investment resources on marginal lands, at tropical forest frontiers and on erodible hillsides.

behavioural consequences

Factors governing the effective remediation of negative affect and its cognitive and behavioural consequences.

beneficial consequence

The reason is that in biology the optimal consequence is much stronger phàn nàn the beneficial consequence in sociology.

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