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THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 APK – the super famous arcade game one day has been brought baông chồng by the publisher SNK CORPORATION on the điện thoại platkhung. Just hearing its name, my childhood memory has overflowed.

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Introduce about THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 (KOF’98)

Introduce about THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 (KOF’98)

One of the best memories of childhood is now baông xã on sản phẩm điện thoại in an even more beautiful version!

KOF’98 is one of the cult arcade games from the 90s. I believe the first 8X & 9X players can’t forget the hot summer days of intense combat on the game machine with powerful warriors of kingship.

If you’ve had those unforgettable days, you can now play THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 on di động to lớn regain such wonderful moments.

​​Heavy arcade fighting at a high speed

This classic fighting game features simple, straight-to-the-point gameplay, thus providing a concise & focused experience lớn the players.

This time when on di động, the game maintains the classic 2 chiều graphics that were the unmistakable hallmarks of the original game. The main gameplay remains the same, you can quickly see the memories flooding baông xã from the first frames in the game.

You can choose a favorite character from the available list. Use all 6 buttons on the screen (including moving baông chồng and forth, punching, kicking with skillful combos) khổng lồ knoông chồng out enemies after 3 rounds.

Although it is the continuation between the parts in the King of Fighters series (a collaborative sầu sản phẩm of publisher SNK và developer Dotemu), THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 has its charm. And you will be surprised by what you get from the legendary combat when you play.

Valuable improvements

The first thing khổng lồ mention is balance. This is the part that does its best balance in the series. The characters, whether they are heroes, martial artists, warriors, or thugs, all have certain skills, so that when confronting each other, they still have their own advantages và disadvantages.

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Everyone has an advantage on the battlefield và has not too much difference in strength lượt thích in the previous parts. This is the key point that creates the attraction for the hand-to-hvà combat in the game. Assuming the difference in strength is too much, you will narrow your options because no one wants to lớn choose a weak character, right?

Another novelty in this game is the battle mechanism that allows choosing 3 characters at the same time. Each person will st& up to lớn fight one AI opponent. The other two friends stvà next khổng lồ cheering but vì not participate. The battle is, therefore, more attractive sầu, longer than the old fighting games, và the presence of many characters on the same screen also somehow creates a more modern battlefield.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 has two levels of difficulty (i.e. Extra & Advanced) for players lớn choose from. A new game mode, Training mode, has also been added lớn help new players get used to lớn the operations quickly & easily. You can also challenge your friends to play via Bluetooth không dây. Playing against friends to witness different fighting styles is also a great way to experience such a classic game.

This new game also supports connecting handheld controllers via Công nghệ Bluetooth for added convenience for players. You know, using multiple buttons on the screen can be distracting & reduce the enjoyment of the game. So, using the controls from the external device và letting the screen show only the combat scene would probably be better. I have not tried this connection mode, but people say in đánh giá it is quite smooth & increases the battle speed significantly. If you have equipment at home, you should try it.

Some points that are not perfect

The thing I don’t lượt thích in THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 is that the plot is almost nonexistent. As far as I remember, the original game và the series with the same arcade-style as the old Street Fighter are quite profound. Each character has their own life và story. Who dies và who lives are clearly demarcated in each part. This depth both creates a svào sense of connection between the game và the player & enhances the personalities of the characters.

In THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98, the plot seems to have sầu been skipped. Some seemingly unrelated characters suddenly appear (like street thugs). I agree that diversity is necessary, but everything in a clear line of súc tích will be much better.

Currently, the game offers 38 characters. In addition to iconic characters from the original series, the “Iori” và “American Sports” teams as well as the edited characters “Shingo Yabuki” và “Rugal Bernstein” return, ready for fierce battles.

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Download THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 APK for Android

With no complexity or tricky upgrades, THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 is simply uncompromising, classic, & focused duels. THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 has thus become different from current Mobile games. This is also an opportunity for you to rediscover a part of your childhood memories.