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Media Descriptor File
Filename extension


Type of formatDisc image
Media Descriptor
Filename extension


Type of formatSidecar file

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Media Descriptor File (MDF) is a proprietary disc image tệp tin format developed for Alcohol 120%, an optical disc authoring program. Daemon Tools, CDemu, MagicISO, PowerDVD, and WinCDEmu can also read the MDF format.[1][2] A disc image is a computer tệp tin replica of the computer files and tệp tin system of an optical disc.

Unlike an ISO image, a Media Descriptor File can contain multiple layers (as used in dual-layer recording) and multiple optical disc tracks. Like the IMG tệp tin format, a Media Descriptor File is a "raw" image of an optical disc. The word raw implies that the copy is precise, bit-for-bit, including (where appropriate) file-system metadata.

A Media Descriptor File may be accompanied by a Media Descriptor Sidecar tệp tin. This optional binary tệp tin (with tệp tin extension .mds) contains metadata about an imaged optical disc, including a delineation of where disc layers begin and over ("layer breaks"), and which portions of the MDF belong in which disc layer. The MDS tệp tin also stores the location and value of the layer breach bit, a CD/DVD copy protection mechanism. The MDS tệp tin is comparable to tướng the CloneCD Control File and cue sheet (.cue) tệp tin formats. However, their capabilities are not identical; also the cue sheet is a text tệp tin format.

Alcohol 120%'s MDF/MDS format is one of the few formats besides Nero's NRG, BIN/CUE and CloneCD's CCD/IMG/SUB disc image formats to tướng tư vấn Mixed Mode CDs which contain audio CD tracks as well as data tracks.

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