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Very few associations, groups, or plans specifically endorse obligations vĩ đại vulnerable populations.

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In general, respondents endorsed more social anxiety at the first administration irrespective of whether the format was self-report or clinician-administered.

The success of group-supported candidates vĩ đại get elected thus hinged mainly on the ability of these groups vĩ đại get their candidates endorsed by the parties.

We endorse their view with regard vĩ đại the emphasis on plication of the pulmonary arteries.

The courts cannot gainsay the legislation and mix it aside because they think that a better standard should be endorsed.

These unhelpful participants prefer each other's failure and hence would not endorse their success and would not look badly upon their failure.

Many of those who belonged vĩ đại churches were reluctant vĩ đại endorse this practice, on the grounds that it encouraged promiscuity.

While these correctives have been generally endorsed, some reservations have been expressed.

This would suggest an element of caution when endorsing price controls as an approach for addressing high administrative charges.

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Males were found vĩ đại be more likely than vãn females vĩ đại endorse symptoms of detachment.

Instead, it enquires about the respondent's age ' at which symptoms lượt thích that first occurred ', referring vĩ đại criterion symptoms of dependence endorsed by the respondent.

Consider the principle, mentioned above, that 'endorsing the ends implies endorsing the necessary means'.

Several thinkers have endorsed the novelty of a model or theory as a value.

The full legitimacy of democracy is not widely endorsed.

Consumers consistently endorsed large-capacity double-action piston machines that were sturdy, hand-powered, labour-intensive, and mechanically reliable.

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