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The Destiny of White Snake
Based onLegend of the White Snake
Written byHan Peizhen
Liu Ya
Li Zhenru
Directed byYi Tao
Liu Guohui
StarringYang Zi
Ren Jialun
Mao Zijun
Li Man
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes60
Production locationHengdian World Studios
Running time45 mins
Production companiesH&R Century Pictures
Innovation Media Power
Shanghai New Culture
Original networkiQiyi
Original releaseJuly 9, 2018

The Destiny of White Snake (Chinese: 天乩之白蛇传说) is a 2018 Chinese television series loosely based on the Chinese ancient folk legend Legend of the White Snake. It stars Yang Zi, Ren Jialun, Mao Zijun and Li Man.[1] The series airs on iQiyi from July 9, 2018.[2]


Zi Xuan is the disciple of the Green Emperor and he specializes in medicine and is cultivating lớn become a deity. He meets a young white snake, whom he nicknamed Xiao Bai, and kept as a pet. Over the course of time, Xiao Bai gathered enough cultivation lớn transform into a teenage human girl, and she eventually grows closer lớn Zi Xuan and developed a strong romance with him. While trying lớn find a herb that would save Zi Xuan's life after he is injured, she accidentally breaks a heavenly seal at the elixir chamber of Mount Jiuxi and releases an ancient beast, the đen giòn water dragon, from thousand years of imprisonment on the human world. To save the world, Zi Xuan sacrifices himself and disintegrates, but before he fades, he gives Xiao Bai a proper name: Bai Yaoyao.

After Zi Xuan's death, Bai Yaoyao is devastated and decides lớn retreat from the world. A thousand years pass by and they meet again. Zi Xuan, now reborn as Xu Xian, who is the chief of the Yao Shi Palace (medicine valley), remembers nothing of his and Bai YaoYao's past. However, she remembers everything and she tries lớn ensure that he lives a peaceful life.

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Actor Character Introduction
Yang Zi Bai YaoYao / Xiao Bai A cultivating white snake-demon who later transforms into a human girl. Disciple of Holy Mother of Mount Li. Later developed a relationship with Xu Xian / Zi Xuan.
Ren Jialun Xu Xian / Zi Xuan Chief of Yao Shi Palace (Medicine Valley). A cultivating doctor who was an immortal cultivating lớn become a deity and was a disciple of the Green Emperor in his previous lifetime. Has the fate of Seven Prowesses (destined lớn be alone for rest of his lifetime).
Mao Zijun[3] Fa Hai / Qi Xiao / Ling Chu A demon catcher who was the disciple of the White Emperor in his previous lifetime. Later he becomes a monk at Mount Jin Temple. Has the fate of Alkaid (destined lớn slay evil and cultivate for rest of his lifetime).
Li Man[4] Xiao Qing A green snake-demon who had an ill fated relationship with Fa Hai / Qi Xiao / Ling Chu. Friend of Bai Yaoyao. Leader of a band of minor demons residing in a mountain near Yao Shi Palace. Destined lớn be slain by Fa Hai / Qi Xiao / Ling Chu as the last demon in his mortal trial, but, instead, sacrifices her immortality lớn save Fa Hau / Qi Xiao / Ling Chu and Bai YaoYao.


Actor Character Introduction
He Dujuan[5] Leng Ning Mistress of Yao Shi Palace (Medicine Valley). Xu Xian's disciple junior. Jealous of Bai Yaoyao's relationship with Xu Xian and becomes evil and eventually turn into a demon. She slowly became a pawn of Taotie who he use against Xu Xian and Bai Yaoyao.
Carina Lau[6] Queen Mother of the West Owner of Saturn Peach Garden.
Angie Chiu[6] Holy Mother of Mount Li Mentor of Bai Yaoyao.
He Zhonghua White Emperor Mentor of Ling Chu. Chief of Kunlun Mountain
Zhu Xiaoyu Green Emperor Mentor of Zi Xuan. Chief of Mount Jiuxi
Liu Xueyi[7] Heavenly Emperor Ruler of the Immortal Realm (Empyrean Heaven) . Older twin brother of Zhan Huang, He was originally from the demon clan which was kept secret from the Immortal realm and not many has seen his true face. Has estrange relationship with his younger twin brother, Zhan Huang
Liu Xueyi[7] Zhan Huang (Demon Emperor) A five colored Qilin demon. Ruler of the Demons and Bei Huang that who fancies Bai Yaoyao because she gathered his broken spirit accidentally unknowingly while searching for Zi Xuan's scatter soul fragments . Has the fate of Dubhe (Greedy wolf, destine lớn swallow everything, cause chaos and destruction). Seek lớn steal the other two fates and start war against Immortal Realm (Empyrean Heaven). Resent his older twin brother for having better life than thở him and being the pitiful one due having the fate of Dubhe. Has command of nature ability given by Heavenly Emperor thousand years ago which allows him command and force all demons lớn obey him his orders so sánh he could become Demon Emperor of Bei Huang where the demon clans reside .
Luo Mi Die Man Butterfly Demon, Subordinate of Taotie , disguised herself as a physician in the mortal realm . Working with Leng Ning under the order of Taotie.
Alen Tan Ni Yun Demon, Subordinate of Zhan Huang
Zhang Moyang[8] Immortal Crane Xu Xuan's childhood friend.
Wang Jinsong Baicao Xian Jun / Leng Hui Chun Herb deity of Penglai Heavenly Mountain, Previous chief and founder of Yao Shi Palace (Medicine Valley) and father of Leng Ning during his mortal trial.
Fu Fang Jun Taotie Son of East Sea dragon king, former mount of White Emperor. Rebel against the Immortal Realm because of on longer want lớn serve the Immortals and tries lớn cause chaos by releasing ancient beast, Black water dragon into mortal realm a thousand years ago after escaping his imprisonment. Archenemy of Zi Xuan who destroy his deity seed causing him lớn lose his physical sườn and wandering between three realms for a thousand years with a fragment of his soul . Parts of fragmented soul cultivate into a plague demon after a thousand years later after his battle against Zi Xuan.
Shen Bao Ping Master Yuan Yi Chief of Demon Hunter villa, Mentor of Qi Xiao, possessed by Taotie who needed a temporary vessel for his fragmented soul.
He Lin Xu Jiao Rong Older sister of Xu Xian, a famous matchmaker who wants her young brother, Xu Xian, lớn marry Leng Ni.
Lu Peng Qing Feng Disciple of the Yao Shi Palace (Medicine Valley)
Zhao Wen Hao Xiao Hui A rabbit demon, underling of Xiao Qing who secretly works for Taotie due being blackmailed since his family are his hostages.
Jing Ci Hong Xin A carp demon who has unrequited love for Zhao Yu (Xiao Wang Ye), a prince in the mortal realm who save her three years ago.


Filming commenced at Hengdian World Studios on January 15, 2017[9] and wrapped up on June 5, 2017.[10]

Interesting Fact

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  • Angie Chiu, who portrayed Bai Su Zhen in the 1992's New Legend of Madame White Snake now portrayed Bai Yaoyao's teacher, Holy Mother of Mount Li in this drama


1."Ruo Shui (弱水)" (Opening theme song)Duan SisiTan XuanRichie Jen 
2."Flowing Years (流年)" (Ending theme song)Liao Yu, He KuanghuiHe Kuanghui, Wang XintongHe Jie 
3."A Thousand Years (千年)[11]"Liao Yu, He KuanghuiHe Kuanghui, Wang XintongJin Zhiwen & Jike Junyi 
4."Monologue (独白)"Liao YuHe Kuanghui, Wang XintongZhou Shen (version 1), 音频怪物 (version 2) 
5."Fan Xin (凡心)"Zhou Jieying, Dong ZhenLin HuayongDong Zhen 
6."Few Lifetimes of Happiness (几生欢)"Duan SisiTan XuanYang Zi 

Awards and nominations[edit]

Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
Influence of Recreational Responsibilities Awards Web Drama of the Year Won [12]

International broadcast[edit]

Country Network(s)/Station(s) Series premiere Title
Thailand Thailand MCOT HD June 3, 2019 (Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 21.00 - 22.00 hrs.) The Destiny of White Snake นางพญางูขาว ( ; lit: Madam White Snake)
MCOT HD June 10, 2021 (Every Monday lớn Friday from 18:00 - 19:00) The Destiny of White Snake นางพญางูขาว ( ; lit: Madam White Snake)[13]


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