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CRISIS ACTION VN – An online shooting game released in Vietnam in năm nhâm thìn. This is a game that is rated to tát give users a sense of suspense and suspense. You will play the character in extremely fierce battles.



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CRISIS ACTION has more than thở 120 million downloads. The number is based on statistics after the game’s release in Đài Loan Trung Quốc and Taiwan. The game is loved by many users for its features such as: fiery battles, equipped with modern weapons, … Your task is to tát role-play the character, perform tasks to tát increase strength, level .

How to tát play CRISIS ACTION VN

CRISIS ACTION has a way to tát play that is not too difficult. The control keys are presented very easily on the screen. This is a real-time online game, ví you need to tát be agile and responsive. At the same time, users need to tát coordinate changing weapons to tát have the most effective playing strategy.

Player attraction of CRISIS ACTION VN

Realistic graphics and sounds

With 3 chiều graphics, CRISIS ACTION brings quality in every detail. Join this game, you will experience extremely realistic and sharp frames. In particular, the sound is lively, changing in each character action. As a result, bringing enjoyment to tát players.

Huge arsenal

Huge arsenal

CRISIS ACTION provides gamers with an extremely diverse arsenal. Players can experience more than thở 200 different types of guns. In addition, some familiar weapons such as: MG, Shotgun, SMG, Riffle, Piston ..

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Control your weapon as you wish

With CRISIS ACTION you will have the opportunity to tát become a great marksman. Players don’t just fight. More than thở that, it is also equipped with a weapon customization feature. Thanks to tát that, it is easy to tát make changes and upgrade the power of items. This keeps you from getting bored while playing.

Frequently asked questions when playing CRISIS ACTION VN

Frequently asked questions when playing CRISIS ACTION VN

1. What game modes does CRISIS ACTION VN have?

CRISIS ACTION is a shooting arena with more than thở đôi mươi different game modes. Rank match, PVE, solo, clan war, teammates, bomb… These campaigns are ví familiar to tát gamers.

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2. Is it possible to tát connect with other players?

When playing CRISIS ACTION, you can completely connect with others. Gamers will experience a number of features such as: Solo with real gunmen, forming a team to tát fight together, …

3. How old can I play CRISIS ACTION?

CRISIS ACTION VN is a shooting action game. The game will have contexts that are not suitable for children. Therefore, you must be at least 17 years old to tát experience this game.

How to tát tải về the game CRISIS ACTION VN

You can access and tải về the game through: ceds.edu.vn . In addition to tát CRISIS ACTION VN, the trang web offers other games such as: Defender III, Alpha Ace,…Wish you a successful download!