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An electric người, and fine water spray dispenser are useful in the management of any discomfort or pain.
For example, the sound of the food dispenser may function concurrently as elicitor of conditioned salivation và conditioned reinforcer for lever presses.
Evaluation of the hearing abnormality is usually carried out by an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser.
For example, ashtray was classified under tape dispenser và wrapping paper was classified under adhesive labels.
Neither of them were reading newspapers or anything, but playing with their spoons & packets of sugar & the tomato-shaped ketchup dispensers.
Therefore, it was necessary to lớn add the time spent by the dispenser and the nurse"s aide lớn the hospital day-care unit nursing time.
Pheromone-impregnated rubber dispensers were replaced every five weeks, and poison bait every seven weeks.
The appropriate dispenser then dropped a few worms in front of the oscilloscope displaying the grating.
All other parameters of the test và background light were under computer control as were the response lever and food dispenser.
Schmidt (1995) describes aspects that are common to cognition situated in front of automatic dispensers.
Death became constructed as "always inflicted, always anonymous, never dispensed: one is always a victlặng of it", never a dispenser.

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For first-time users, the dispenser stage results in a trial period of 6 weeks at minimum, which includes learning about the use of hearing aids & assistive listening devices.
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