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Dissonance spreads through the harmony, though the strings push on optimistically, the piano decorating until it picks up the reel itself - wonderfully catchy writing, this.

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But some business names of this phrasal type are catchy, more recent and less traditional.

Vogt repeatedly came up with such catchy phrases.

The chapters in the first part of the book are organized around these catchy terms.

The catchy title raises expectations (and, quite possibly, the sales figures as well) which are not fully fulfilled.

Even in a discipline that the layman thinks of as pure and number-based, it seems that inventing a catchy phrase is of crucial importance.

To give the reader a rough idea of times and difficulties, here are some (completely unreliable but catchy) rules of thumb.

This phrase was normally the catchiest, most singable element of the tuy nhiên.

Experts cooperate by providing catchy opinions without revealing their conflict of interest.

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The triple time is catchy and the changes of metre break each five-line strophe into small segments.

The catchy little tune reveals she is a nun and not, say, some shepherdess.

Older established brands created catchy slogans or characters and even engaged celebrities to tát endorse their products.

In another catchy cassette poem released several years later, another poet accuses an acquaintance, who has gained considerable fame through a recent cassette, of stealing his verses.

A tremendous economy with words, catchy phrases, and gripping slogans appeal to tát customer psychology, at the same time as the ad-makers use word-triggers to tát evoke a desired response.

Somehow, that is just not as catchy.

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