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One of the Nintendo Switch’s biggest supporters from the begining has been Ubisoft. Games lượt thích Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition, và Starlink: Battle for Atlas show the developer"s commitment and how its partnership with Nintendo has blossomed over the years. However, it wasn’t until relatively recently that Ubisoft began khổng lồ bring its premier open-world offerings lớn Switch — or its older ones, at least — with the likes of Assassin"s Creed 3 Remastered, black Flag, Rogue, and (via a Japan-only Cloud version) Odyssey. Now, Assassin"s Creed: The Ezio Collection has finally been ported to Switch as well, allowing for some of the most highly regarded games in the series to be playable on the go for the first time. Và they"re still great, despite showing their age.

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For those new to lớn the Assassin’s Creed series, some set-up. The games follow a battle between the Assassins, a peace-keeping organization, & the villainous Templars, who are trying to lớn control và rule the world. This battle has taken place throughout the course of history, occurring for the most part in the shadows. Fast-forward to the modern era where the organization Abstergo, a front for the Templars, has developed a machine known as the Animus, which allows users khổng lồ experience their ancestors" memories. Utilizing a similar technology, the modern Assassins và Templars begin a hunt for ancient relics khổng lồ help each side win the battle once và for all.

Captured on Nintendo Switch (Handheld/Undocked)

The elaborate setup, however, really only serves as an excuse to lớn place the player character from the first games, Desmond, in the role of various titular Assassins throughout history. As the name of this collection suggests, here Desmond assumes the role of his ancestor, Ezio. Set during the Italian Renaissance period, Ezio is a wealthy nobleman living in Italy, working for his father. After the Templars betray his family, Ezio becomes an Assassin, setting out lớn avenge his loved ones & stop the Templars once and for all. This, for the most part, sums up the general plot of Assassin’s Creed 2. The other two games in the collection, Assassin’s Creed BrotherhoodRevelations, follow on directly, which makes it difficult lớn summarize without spoiling some narrative surprises. The trilogy as a whole has some incredibly odd và unbelievable twists and turns, but within context, having all three of Ezio’s main games in a single package goes a long way lớn create a cohesive story.

While the plot of the Assassin’s Creed games is definitely "there", it"s the chơi game and presentation of historical "playgrounds" khổng lồ explore that entice most players. All three games are open-world, action-adventures with stealth elements attached. Games like The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild pulled inspiration from the open-world traversal pioneered in this series. Climbing up walls and buildings & towers, for example, is an amazing feeling, as it turns what would conventionally be an obstacle into a new way khổng lồ explore your surroundings. It won’t be long until you completely change the way you view your environment as cities become large jungle gyms for you lớn clamber over and explore. And once you get your assassination equipment, there is no better feeling than jumping off a building and killing the enemy in one attack they never saw coming.

Captured on Nintendo Switch (Handheld/Undocked)

The game play structure is exactly what you’d expect from a modern open-world trò chơi — at least the 2009 vintage of the genre. There’s a series of main story quests Ezio follows as he explores plenty of large environments. Along the way, he’ll find side quests, treasure chests, và collectibles aplenty, which all serves khổng lồ improve Ezio’s capabilities as an assassin. Whether it be upgrading your armor or purchasing new weapons, everything optional you bởi results in tangible benefits. It is a shame then that the combat isn’t equally as developed as it could be. For the most part, Ezio only has a single attack button, with a block & a counter maneuver. There’s no real technique here outside of button mashing and waiting. If you’re doing your best khổng lồ stealthily assassinate targets, this becomes less of an issue, but the combat lacks depth across all three games.

Going back khổng lồ these earlier entries, it can be a little difficult lớn get accustomed khổng lồ a less refined version of mechanics và systems that have been refined over many years — these games vày feel undeniably dated. While climbing is great fun, nothing is worse than falling down half a building due to an invisible wall the trò chơi made no indication was there. This extends khổng lồ the physics, as sometimes bullets can hit you even through walls. Similarly, the presentation can be downright ugly at times. Models, especially human faces, look incredibly poor, even for the era the games were originally released in. These issues bởi vì slightly improve as you progress through lớn the later entries, but at times, The Ezio Collection can feel archaic.

Captured on Nintendo Switch (Handheld/Undocked)

What doesn’t improve across the games, however, is stability. There were various glitches, bugs, & even soft locks during our time with the Switch version that required the game to be rebooted, especially in Brotherhood. While there are plenty of checkpoints and tự động saves to lớn help alleviate some of the pain, nothing is a bigger pace breaker than having an NPC you’re supposed lớn follow get stuck, making a reset the only option.

The Ezio Collection also includes several bonuses outside the main game. All single-player DLC released previously is included, though some content is locked behind the Ubisoft Club program. It’s also worth noting that no multiplayer nội dung from the original games are here, which is in line with how this collection was previously presented on other platforms, but still disappointing.

To help trang điểm for it, perhaps, two short movies are included: Assassin’s Creed LineageEmbers. While neat bonuses, there are bafflingly no playback controls to lớn the videos, which means no pausing, fast-forwarding or rewinding. If, for instance, your Switch dims automatically after a few minutes và you press a button to wake it up, you may accidentally exit out of the video clip player. Và because there’s no playback controls, you can’t fast-forward back khổng lồ where you were, which means you have lớn re-watch the film from the start all over again. Very odd.

Captured on Nintendo Switch (Handheld/Undocked)

The Switch version also has a few exclusive features, in the khung of cảm biến controls in menus & a slightly larger HUD for portable play. While the latter is a nice addition, the cảm ứng controls sometimes broke menus, causing another instance of a full game reset. As such, you’re better off sticking to lớn button controls — at least until there"s a patch lớn address hopefully these issues.


Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection is a great compilation of some of the series’ most highly-regarded entries. Aside from some combat that lacks depth & a convoluted story, each of the three games included here are absolutely worthy of your time. There’s still plenty of fun lớn be had if this is your first phối of Assassin’s Creed games, with the cities still managing khổng lồ impress with their sense of scale & historical detail, but some of the dated chơi game elements & glitches may make other entries a better jumping off point. The Rebel Collection is a very fine alternative if you want slightly more modern interpretations of the series, with a seafaring bent. However, if you’re already a fan hâm mộ and are able lớn tolerate its foibles — old & new — Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection is an enjoyable trip into (video game) history và an easy recommendation.

Three games in one, with plenty of bonus contentClimbing walls và buildings is plenty of funStealth game play is top-notchCan feel undeniably datedCombat is lackingGlitches & bugs galore

Good 7/10

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Wed 23rd Feb 2022

Is the DLC installed separately? I hate when rereleased games give you all this high màn chơi DLC at the outset that imbalances the game và doesn’t fit the story.




IGN_Commenter lớn my memory, the DLC in AC2 was additional chapters of the story. Not weapons or armor or anything

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

I’ll buy it once it goes on a hefty sale. Which will happen soon enough considering it’s a Ubi game.

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

Please help!

i watched some videos about the first race on yt and there frederico starts a few inches right in front of you.

but in the switch version he starts „miles“ ahead of you (you cant even see him at the start of the race)

is this a bug? i just cant win the race… i restarted the trò chơi but it stays the same

i tried khổng lồ climb the church wall for a shortcut… it does not work

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

Now Ubisoft just need to bring some of the FarCry games to the Switch

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

Already got the collection ordered, now just waiting for it to get to lớn my door.

Wed 23rd Feb 2022


You are correct. In AC2 there is a giant time skip at a certain point in the game. The DLC stories fill in that time skip khổng lồ a certain extent.

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

Played these to death back in the day so no need for me khổng lồ buy them again here & going by this reviews it"s just as well.

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

Gotta give credit where it"s due, they made small changes just for the Switch & they finally added the option to install specific parts of the trilogy rather than forcing you to download it all. My biggest complaint about đen Flag is they forced me to download 2 full games plus DLC when all I really wanted was Rogue by itself.

All that said, the Ezio games are dated, invisible walls are no fun, và that clip playback thing is pretty odd. I don"t want khổng lồ sound ungrateful because Ubisoft has been pretty good bringing their games to Switch but at the end of the day the games are still lifeless và lack that warm loving charm many other games have.

Mando44646 having gone through everything from 3 lớn Syndicate recently, including spin offs/DLC lượt thích Freedom Cry và Liberation, I don"t think it"s fair to lớn say they"re bad from 4 onwards. If anything black Flag is a peak that created valleys, but Syndicate is the closest thing to Brotherhood & a great game in its own right. I"d easily put black Flag up there with AC2 và Brotherhood, & say what you will about Odyssey and Valhalla but Origins is mint in its own right.

AC2 and its sequels were great because they took the proof of concept that was the first game and fully realized it but I think some of the series gets written off because of how many were released in a short time. 3 và Unity were too ambitious for their own good on vị trí cao nhất of it, but they"re not bad at all (post patches).

Mando44646 Honestly I enjoy the game play of the new ones way more. Odyssey was really criticized but lớn me it was a really fun game with 200+ hours of solid combat and exploration.

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

". Aside from some combat that lacks depth & a convoluted story"

I take issue with the latter still being pointed out as a problem. You give it flack for lack of combat depth, but then inversely complain that its attempt at depth is convoluted and thus not a good thing. Reviewers need to lớn stop citing this as a negative as it just results in developers watering down their plot to lớn some really basic trash. Yes, developers vì read these criticisms và take them to lớn heart.

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

This game will be $20 in a few months, và that"s when I"ll pick it up. I don"t mind waiting since most of the nội dung isn"t included on the cartridge.

roy130390 chơi game has definitely improved. But I hated the writing, world, và characters somewhat in Odyssey and especially in Valhalla. Valhalla is also the only AC I never finished. They are too large and just too overbearing. Ubi no longer prioritizes chất lượng over quantity

TedGundy 100 agreed that Origins is the peak of the new trilogy.

I just dislike 4. I felt it got away too much from the meta-narrative of AC & I thought Edward was a dismal, unlikable character. Similarly to Eivor for me. Pirates & Vikings are not people that seem in tune with the Creed.

Syndicate was fantastic. I"d love khổng lồ have a port of that. Và I wish it would go back lớn that style as sorta the last hurrah of the old formula

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

3 of the best games of the last trăng tròn years imho, perfectly ported khổng lồ switch.

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

RubyCarbuncle origins is not assassin"s creed despite the name

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

Even with all the bells and whistles of Valhalla, AC2 is still the best in the series. One could argue that the combat has gotten more grindy as the games have gone on. The straightforward "counter" mechanics from AC2 are brilliantly cinematic.

AC2 has just the right amount of open world nonsense in terms of the collectables and the assassin tombs are like well-designed Zelda shrines.

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

It"s too bad ubisoft never got that snow boarding game out on switch. I still feel lượt thích the void has never been filled on the system.

NotSoCryptic Are you aware all review are based on opinion?

Would you prefer the reviewer not mention games made over a decade ago have dated clunky mechanics and controls simply because they"re older games? Failing a mission or falling khổng lồ your death due to invisible walls is frustrating & I"m happy they mentioned these occurrences.

Would you prefer the reviewer not mention the story is convoluted và hard to lớn follow when many people have said this for years? I"ve never seen anyone recommend or talk about this trò chơi because of the amazing plot, it"s mostly attractive for the fun mechanics and sneaky history lessons.

You can disagree with their opinion, but don"t attack them for doing their job.

You conveniently cut off the rest of their statement: "each of the three games included here are absolutely worthy of your time".

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

AC IV is the peak of the series for me, và makes The Rebel Collection very much worth having since IV is on cartridge.

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

Already have Rebel Collection physically. Will wait for a $20 price point for this then download it.

Mando44646 Finally someone agrees with me. That game did not felt lượt thích an AC game, more like Pirates Creed or Boats Creed

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

I remember the first trò chơi pretty fondly. I got sucked into it and after a while I started looking at the real world the way I looked at the game world. "Okay I can climb that fence and then hop over lớn that wall & then use that rope to..." etc. I"m sure it doesnt hold up as well in 2022 but I"m glad these ports at least aren"t Cyberpunk-level disappointments.

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

Was the đánh giá copy the release copy or a pre-release copy?Is/has Ubisoft done any patching?

Mando44646 I"ll agree with that, 4 was definitely the start of venturing away from assassin-centric gameplay. I want to lượt thích Odyssey and Valhalla but they"re too big for their own good.

TedGundy I"ll give Odyssey that at least Kassanda/Alexios was an enjoyable protag. Eivor is wooden và absolutely unlikable in Valhalla. But the writing and narratives are trash in both :/

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

I"ve never played the games featuring Ezio; I had some exposure khổng lồ the first trò chơi via a relative"s Xbox 360 back in the day và then skipped straight lớn AC III and Black Flag since they came lớn Wii U. The fact that only one of the games is included on the physical cart pushed me from "Near launch" lớn "eventually" however. Which is fine; I obtained the Rebel Collection not too long ago và still need to lớn play it (namely Rogue), plus Ubisoft games inevitably are subject khổng lồ decent sales.

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

Assassins Creed were not, are not & will never be "classics". They are just relics of their time, with massive trò chơi design issues, & some cool bits và pieces that are not enough lớn make them enjoyable outside their limited window of relevance.

Xem thêm: Nghĩa Của Từ Stole Là Gì, Nghĩa Của Từ Stole, Nghĩa Của Từ Steal Trong Tiếng Việt

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

The combat is lacking because this was back when stealth was prized since this was back when the series was assassin focused.

Flash forward to modern Assassin Creed games where the combat is modern, but it’s only Assassin in name only

Astral-Grain I"m not here lớn discuss your value of opinions. Especially since I wasn"t calling him out for having one. You completely leaped over my actual issue. Apparently the word Latter isn"t in your vocabulary.

No one is going to lớn contest the control unique of AC. That is just fact, its bad, has always been bad, và always will be. That is actually something that can be evaluated with metrics, ubisoft has an entire suite of lectures & tools for evaluating controls. No one is under the delusion the controls are bad và it can actually be evaluated objectively.

I"m also not contesting that it is convoluted. I fully agree that it is. I am saying that acting lượt thích it is a negative is the sort of thing that leads developers down to lớn more simplistic plots. I"m saying its not something that should be listed as a postiive or a negative. Just simply that it is. To danh sách it in the same breath of something that is objectively bad, when whether or not a convoluted story is bad should be left up to lớn the reader and simply stated as "being convoluted" should be addressed. Now he can critic how that convoluted plot panned out and đánh giá it, but I don"t want to see a precident being mix where convoluted is bad. Xenogears has a convoluted plot, Chrono Cross & Trigger have convoluted plots, Xenosaga has a convoluted plot, FF1-12 have convoluted plots. Is that unfortunate? Should we be linking that sort of thing to lớn a negative conutation. The answer is no.

So as you can see it has nothing to vì chưng with opinions. He can have all the subjective expression he wants on the matter. Happily he didn"t put it in the bullet points. Over all, I don"t want to lớn see it downplayed lượt thích that as it really devalues the articles ability to separate such matters.

As far as:"each of the three games included here are absolutely worthy of your time".

Oh I read it. However that doesn"t change the fact that someone now gets it in their head that convoluted is bad & suddenly we end up with 5 AC games with paper thin plot lines. Quite literally the reason why the AC plot line just turned to absolute garbage after AC3. Ubisoft was tired of hearing how convoluted the plot is. I"m saying that as someone who was on staff.

So please lecture someone else about silly opinions.

Mando44646 đen Flag was the peak in my opinion, but to be fair I haven"t played any of these from Origins on...

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

This is how my must have list, the danh mục of games from the last Direct, gets smaller.

Just a 7 and a load of glitches và this game is off my list.

Gwynbleidd Well, this is handheld, that"s one of the main draws. You can take this anywhere too. I don"t really like how only one of the games are on the cart, but I don"t think they could fit them all anyway. It is what it is. As a diehard tín đồ of AC who has walked away from Sony and basically Microsoft now, this is an easy buy for me.

Arawn93 I think the combat in the older AC games is more contextual. You could dodge enemies, parry, circle-around, grab them, disarm them, etc. And enemies aren"t spongie either.

Troll_Decimator You can say it as forcefully as you want to, that doesn"t make it any more true, valid, or less subjective a take. I don"t think going out of your way lớn be a contrarian constitutes "decimating" trolls. "Awkkkshully it"s not a classic series, you guys are all wrong". Lmao.

It"s a popular, prolific series with entries that were a lot of people"s first experiences with that gen, hundreds of hours of youtube analysis and articles about it, a novel series, a graphic novel series, an upcoming live kích hoạt series, this point it"s as "classic" as any series that was birthed on 360/PS3. Sorry :/


"However that doesn"t change the fact that someone now gets it in their head that convoluted is bad và suddenly we over up with 5 AC games with paper thin plot lines. Quite literally the reason why the AC plot line just turned to absolute garbage after AC3. Ubisoft was tired of hearing how convoluted the plot is. I"m saying that as someone who was on staff."

As a former Ubisoft staff member, should you really be attacking a game đánh giá for criticizing a game you may have helped work on?

By stating you were part of Ubisoft, isn"t this evidence you"re incapable of being unbiased about this franchise và the criticism for this franchise?

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

I"m just happy they actually ported the games. They could have been cloud ports, and not only that it looks pretty good!

TedGundy Counterpoint: "Classics" are not immune to lớn being ruined with new entries.

If the Assassin"s Creed franchise ended at the Ezio storyline, we"d likely look back on the franchise fondly with rose-tinted glasses. But since each new AC entry is arguably worse than the last, even in the current gen, the franchise name becomes sullied & ceases lớn be a classic.

People remember last impressions more than first impressions.


"As a former Ubisoft staff member, should you really be attacking a game reviews for criticizing a trò chơi you may have helped work on?"

Does it matter? I"m not getting money from it. I see no royalties from the project. I also bởi not work for that company anymore. So arguing in favor of their trò chơi would make no sense as I"d want to see my own games succeed. If you"re going lớn jump through logical hoops, than maybe see it through. I"ve worked for a lot of studios in my day. On a lot of games. I can say that I have never worked on these games. That my history with the franchise and these titles predates my time with Ubisoft.

"By stating you were part of Ubisoft, isn"t this evidence you"re incapable of being unbiased about this franchise & the criticism for this franchise?"

Not particularly. Since I"m not speaking in favor or against the Assassin"s Creed titles. I"m also not longer a part of that company & does me no service to vì chưng one or the other. I fully admit to the convoluted nature of the story and the bad controls. I can also say that about Bioshock Infinite"s story among others, though I"ve never worked for 2K or the now defunct irrational games. As the point I"m making has absolutely nothing to vì chưng with Assassin"s Creed or Ubisoft, I"m making that statement as a universal & blanket statement. It should not be used with regards khổng lồ this title or any title I"ve listed thus far from Bioshock to lớn Xenogears as a negative aspect for a game. A trò chơi can be good or bad regardless of it being convoluted. That convoluted story could be bad or good, but it being convoluted doesn"t tend to lớn be the issue. It"s the quality of the story. At that point we"re talking about games in general. Which is what my original phản hồi was on. So please don"t try lớn shut me down with some false equivalency for conflict of interest here simply because you want there to be one. Fact of the matter is using convoluted as pajorative as a talking point against the game"s chất lượng when its a pretty benign component says nothing about the games unique or story.

Astral-Grain I dunno about you, but I go through the series every couple years. There are ones I like, ones I don"t, ones I want to lượt thích and can"t. That"s the way I look at any series. Look, you can try khổng lồ justify your own taste however you"d like, I don"t actually care why you like anything or if it lines up with my taste at all or not. That doesn"t make the series any less well known or well regarded, or negate specific titles from being viewed that way.

I"m not going khổng lồ get into an argument that amounts to "No u", I just think it"s ***** to lớn pretend any one of us is being more objective in their take, as is interjecting into an argument when one of the relevant parties hasn"t even responded yet. I"m not going lớn argue against what you think they meant, so enjoy what you enjoy và leave it at that.

NotSoCryptic"the point I"m making has absolutely nothing to vị with Assassin"s Creed or Ubisoft"

Then why state you"re a former Ubisoft employee in an Assassin"s Creed game review comments section? I can"t think of a more inappropriate place to lớn make this point of yours or a more inappropriate time to mention you used lớn work at Ubisoft.

I know this is unheard of on the internet, but I"m beginning to lớn suspect you may not be telling the truth about your professional background.

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

One thing I hate about Ubisoft is their glitches and they never fix was one of the reasons why Mario+Rabbids was a pain for me khổng lồ complete, too many glitches và crashes. I tried getting back into black Flag on the Switch before, too...and...yeah, still glitches everywhere. Actually, one glitch even tried to kill me...maybe it did & I don"t remember...

EDIT: Yup, it did...lol

TedGundy Obviously it"s an opinion, not a scientific fact. But Assassin"s Creed games were never "masterpieces" by any stretch, despite being popular, they always had major weaknesses. It is down to each individual lớn weigh whether those weaknesses are bad enough or not. Going back khổng lồ these earlier games is not easy today, despite them not being all that old. As I mentioned, they were decent for their time, pretty much obsolete now. That said, I"ll give you that these are better than modern Assassin"s Creed that don"t even know what they are anymore.

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

On the one hand it’s sad that only AC2 is on the cartridge but on the bright side it’s the Cart that unlocks the other games. I really really hate it when other “saving on cart memory games” offer the download nội dung with eshop codes. Now you can at least loan the full games lớn friends.

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

So happy these games are now on Switch.

Best way khổng lồ play them now. Steam doesn"t have the Ezio versions, just the originals, and only has Xbox and keyboard prompts.

They look and run great on Switch, too. Movement can feel a bit rigid compared khổng lồ later entries, but it works.

I just finished the Triangle Strategy Prologue demo & will be playing more of AC2 lớn kill the time until the full release next week

Wed 23rd Feb 2022

7/10?????? I give it 9/10... This game rocks & runs smoothly. OK, it looks a little dated, but it"s really nothing to lớn talk about. I"m very much entertained by this title... Và then the extra content... It"s a winner.

Astral-Grain "Then why state you"re a former Ubisoft employee in an Assassin"s Creed game review comments section?"

I didn"t state that I was a former ubisoft employee until talking about the process for determining the objective analysis of gameplay control. It was relevant to that point, not lớn the article. Ceased being relevant when I stated my bình luận had nothing to bởi with the game, just in the manner in which the review was written.

"I can"t think of a more inappropriate place khổng lồ make this point of yours or a more inappropriate time lớn mention you used to lớn work at Ubisoft."

This is actually the perfect place for which to make the point. As these comments are reviewed and examined by the editors. As far as my employment status, only relevant to my point about play controls. It has really nothing else to vì chưng with anything else.

"I know this is unheard of on the internet, but I"m beginning lớn suspect you may not be telling the truth about your professional background."

Well I"ll tell you what every other dev who has revealed they were a dev on the internet has ever said. I don"t care. You can take it or leave it. The insight was just dropped to illustrate objectivity since you were clinging to subjectivity like some sort of holy icon khổng lồ prop your position here. Remember you started talking lớn me. You also don"t have lớn talk to me. Simple as that. I"m not here to prove khổng lồ you I"m an employee of any company, what you bởi vì with the insight I gave is your business. Just know that I"m not buying the trash your shoveling.

I"m sure you meant well, but lets be perfectly clear here. This was never about opinions. This was about the objectivity of the article. There is room for subjectivity or opinion, but that wasn"t the place to bởi it. This could have been any other article I read on Nintendo Life and I would have said the same thing I"m saying here.

Keep in mind that before I was a dev, I was gamer and I still am. Why I"m reading a reviews on a trò chơi I use to lớn enjoy to see how well it performs over all. Lớn see if I, like you, should buy it. Let"s be fair Ubisofts ports haven"t always been the best. Lớn the wierd rendering in early AC releases to the bugs that haunt South Park lớn this very day. To the subpar unique of starlink. It"s something I"d lượt thích to know if my former employer improved. Its the same reasons I read up on the bioshock collection or the witcher 3.

Joeynator3000 Glitches in đen Flag... Where? I"ve played the trò chơi through 2 times now and it"s still one of the best games I"ve ever played & I didn"t experience neither glitches nor crashes.

Thu 24th Feb 2022

If a Nintendo remaster looked a little dated, would praise it và not even mention it. They are old games, of course they feel dated these days.

Thu 24th Feb 2022

My favourite in the series is still AC4, in the same way that dead rising on 360 felt "next gen" I had the exact same feeling when I played AC4 for the first time, it was so vast and xuất hiện and most importantly FUN.

Xem thêm: Cutting-Edge Là Gì ? At The Cutting Edge Nghĩa Là Gì

I have never played the ezio games so after enjoying everything from 3 to lớn syndicate, including spin-offs (not interested in the newer ones) I was worried that playing these older ones would feel very dated & boring, I"m happy lớn say that"s not the case and although not up there with 4 AC2 has been a blast to lớn play so far và I"m looking forward to lớn brother hood và revelations.