Duel in Duel World và characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series will appear!Complete their Character Unloông chồng Missions to obtain them as playable characters.Level your characters up khổng lồ obtain cards & Skills.

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Yuma/AstralYuma Tsukumo"s dream is to lớn become a Duel Champion, & meeting the highly-talented Astral from Astral World just might be the ticket! They would be the perfect tag team... if they could only get along! Still, they need khổng lồ work together if they want khổng lồ gather Numbers - which are manifestations of Astral"s lost memories. To make that happen, Yuma is ready to lớn feel the flow & take on any challenger! Their ace quái vật is "Number 39: Utopia".

"Reginald ""Shark"" Kastle"Also known as Shark for feasting on his opponents" decks, his high-level Dueling skills took hyên all the way khổng lồ the Duel Nationals. But when he was disqualified, his Dueling took a darker path. His ace Boss is "Number 32: Shark Drake".

Bronk StoneYuma"s lifelong frikết thúc và classmate has never lost a Duel against Yuma - until Yuma acquired a Number Card. Bronk may look tough and talk rough, but he always has his friends" backs. He forms "The Super Secret Number Card Investigation Club" with his friends lớn help Yuma & Astral"s Duels. His ace quái dị is Tin Archduke.

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Tori MeadowsTori has been friends with Yuma forever. So it"s no surprise that she"s more worried than anyone when Yuma starts facing tough Duels for Number Cards. She joins the "The Super Secret Number Card Investigation Club" to help Yuma, but she doesn"t know much about Dueling. Her ace Boss is "Fairy Cheer Girl".

Kite TenjoWhile Yuma collected Numbers, Kite hunted down Numbers as a Number Hunter. Their different approaches eventually led to lớn their clash. Though Kite sees Astral as a worthy rival, Kite sees Yuma as just another obstacle to overcome. His ace quái nhân is "Galaxy

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