Grand Theft auto 5 has been out for 7 years, so we're waiting for the next part, GTA VI. Grand Theft auto 6 has to exceed GTA V in every way và look even more realistic. We'll keep you up lớn date on all the rumors about the new part of the maker Rockstar. When the new trò chơi is available, you can order it at

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GTA V, the current edition of the Grand Theft tự động series was released for the PlayStation 5. The trò chơi has been improved in various ways, including graphically. The refresh rate of GTA 5 is higher on the PS5, just lượt thích the resolution. As a result, the game looks more realistic than ever and the fastest action scenes look smooth.


Play an improved GTA V on the PlayStation 5 và enjoy even better performance.Awaiting GTA VI, you can brush off your character skills with this game.You can choose between 3 characters & use new weapons và vehicles.For GTA online, you"ll need a paid PS Plus subscription.

Last September, there was a huge leak within the developer Rockstar Games. Several videos of GTA VI appeared on the internet. These seemed to lớn confirm the rumors about 2 characters and the return khổng lồ Vice City. The 2 main characters would be named Jason and Lucia, & you can easily switch between these 2 characters just lượt thích in GTA V. Vice đô thị is the playing field in this trò chơi again. The main difference is that GTA VI takes place in the present instead of the 70s, lượt thích in GTA Vice City.

Source: leaks September 2022


We"ve also discovered new chơi game elements through these leaks. The weapon wheel is back, & you can now also see the weapon on the back of Jason or Lucia. It also looks like there"ll be new objects, like medication that"ll give you a temporary advantage. In addition lớn the dangers you"re used khổng lồ in a GTA game, there are also new ones waiting for you. GTA VI should have way more animals, lượt thích alligators and hogs. You can possibly tame these animals just like in Red Dead Redemption.

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According khổng lồ the latest rumors, GTA 6 will phối in Miami. Vice thành phố is supposed khổng lồ get a South American touch, which should be a large map. The trò chơi is set during the 70s và 80s, when various famous drug lords were the greatest they"ve ever been. The South American touch will be located on a smaller, second map. This will give enough options for the storyline of the game.

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The maps of GTA 6 is supposed to be 40 times larger than the bản đồ of GTA 5. About 103m², khổng lồ be precise. This open world game is mix in 3 different states and 4 large cities. This is supposed to lớn make the trò chơi gigantic, so it remains khổng lồ be seen if this is really the case. It"s also said that the new Grand Theft auto is phối in Vice City & the surrounding areas, a bản đồ that we already know from the past. Over time, more cities will be added.

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Just like in real life, the weather will play a much bigger role again. Think about a destruction due lớn a tornado or flooding after heavy rainfall. According to lớn a leak on Reddit coming from a Rockstar employee, you"ll have to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with the weather a lot more often. The weather will affect the environment. Roads will flood, electricity cables may snap, trees will blow over. Some areas might even get blocked by traffic. So, a lot more realistic.

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Source: Reddit

In 2020, Rockstar posted various vacancies online that pointed lớn a follow-up. During the summer of 2021, vlogger Tom Henderson revealed that the game may not appear until 2025, & not until 2024 at the earliest. According to Bloomberg, the trò chơi will be released between April 2023 and March 2024. This is coming from independent gaming journalists. In conclusion, it will take some time before you"ll be able to lớn go out on the streets. But, the next GTA will probably be a more maintained trò chơi in which the world will continue khổng lồ develop (like with Fortnite), so you can enjoy it for years.