take turns

To alternate doing something; khổng lồ vày something in succession, one person or thing after another. Please take turns instead of everyone talking at once. My brother & I took turns going down the slide.See also: take, turn

take turns

((at) doing something) & take turns (at something); take turns (with something) lớn alternate in doing something. Let"s take turns with mowing the lawn. Do you want to take turns at answering the telephone?See also: take, turn

take turns

(with something) Go lớn take turns ((at) doing something).See also: take, turn

take turns with someone

to alternate with someone. We both can"t be there at the same time. I"ll take turns with you. You have sầu khổng lồ take turns with your brother.See also: take, turn

take turns

Alternate, as in Since there is only one horse, Beth và Amanda are taking turns riding. This phrase uses turn in the sense of "one of a series of actions done in succession." Also see in turn. See also: take, turn

take ˈturns doing something/to vì chưng something

(British English also take it in ˈturns to lớn vì something) vì something one person after another: My wife và I take it in turns khổng lồ write khổng lồ our daughter in Canada. ♢ There weren’t enough computers for everytoàn thân, so we had to take turns using them.See also: something, take, turnSee also:

take turns

vì something alternately with others We had khổng lồ take turns using the dictionary as there was only one.

take turns|take|turns

v. phr. To vày something one after another instead of doing it all at the same time. In class we should not talk all at the same time; we should take turns. Jean & Beth took turns on the swing. The two boys took turns at digging the hole. The three men took turns driving so one would not be too tired.

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take to heels take khổng lồ it lượt thích a duchồng to lớn water, to take khổng lồ one side take to one's heels take to one's heels, khổng lồ take lớn pieces take to something like a duông chồng to lớn water take to lớn task take lớn task, lớn take lớn the cleaners take lớn the cleaners, lớn take khổng lồ the hills take khổng lồ the hustings take to lớn the road take khổng lồ the stump take khổng lồ the tall timber(s) take to the woodshed take khổng lồ wife take to lớn your bed take to lớn your heels take too much on take trouble over (something) take trouble over/with something take trouble with (something) take turn take turns take turns doing something/khổng lồ bởi vì something take turns with take two và hit lớn right take umbrage take umbrage at take umbrage at (something) take umbrage, lớn take under advisement take under one's wing take up take up (one's) abode take up (the) cudgels against (someone or something) take up a collection take up abode take up arms take up arms (against someone or something) take up for take up for (someone or something) take up on take up residence take up residence in (some place) take up room take up space take up the challenge take up the cudgel(s) take the words out of one"s mouth take things easy take to lớn take to heart take lớn one"s heels take lớn task take khổng lồ the cleaners take to lớn the woods take turns take up take up arms take up the cudgels for take up with take with a grain of salternative text take-out order taken abachồng taken by

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