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Release: 2011 Developer: SolgrynOS: XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10Processor: hãng intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHzGraphics: 128 MbMemory: 512 MbVersion: Full Last Release

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I Wanna Be The Boshy - This is a hardcore adventure, where you will thử nghiệm your skills & nervous system. The game has a two-dimensional style and px graphics, where you have khổng lồ progress through the presented levels, moving the main character và jumping over obstacles. The bản đồ has a large number of traps that immediately kill the character. Dashing through the arena, the protagonist meets various enemies on his way, from which you have to evade and run away. At the end of the missions there is an opportunity lớn meet up with bosses that will be difficult to lớn defeat.

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Each adversary in I Wanna Be The Boshy has his own elaborate tactic for victory. Have lớn consider the timing of attacks và defensive positions of each, otherwise, with a high probability of the anh hùng will go khổng lồ the beginning of the mission, killed by the clutches of monsters. The world of hardcore platformer difficulty allows you to choose between four modes.

Difficulties available in the game:Ez-mode allows newcomers to try out the game, making weaker opponents in arenas & adding many save points.Totally average-mode raises the health of the bosses, but leaves the opportunity to lớn save often.Hardon-mode is implemented in the form of a canonical for passage level.You"re gonna get raped-mode creates an incredibly difficult environment where the enemies are reinforced và the minimum number of safeties.As you move further along the storyline of the narrative, made in the form of a chiến dịch consisting of maps, you must carefully and carefully follow what is happening in the location. The player may not notice the approaching danger in time, stepping on a trap or falling right on the thorns, giving no chance lớn Survival.

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Size: 129.6 Mb. Version: Full Last Release

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