My Talking Angela Mod Apk 5

NameMy Talking Angela APK
PublisherOutfit7 Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

My Talking Angela virtual cat breeding game mounts between players with interactive sầu mode perfect as if you have sầu pets. Published by Outfit7 in December 2014, so far it has tens of millions of users. Do you want to own a smart pet, play with it every day? Not only that, but you will also be happy every time you take care of & talk to you. Download My Talking Angela game lớn please the player does not make you disappointed, take care of her feminine cat with the full minigame system.

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No less than having a cát, virtual pets are also extremely attractive sầu. Players have many priceless things when installing My Angela on their phones. For example, a frikết thúc khổng lồ confide in, a nice, docile cat … You are no longer lonely because there is a lovely cát who is always beside you at all times. Currently, the game has tư vấn on both Android và iOS so downloading is extremely simple. The image of the energetic girl is waiting for you. mở cửa the game now to lớn start your own sweet story!



There are many things you need lớn shop during the game, which means you have sầu to lớn spend a lot of money. Please accumulate soon enough Coins to tăng cấp items to lớn meet your goals. Some basic equipment such as clothes (wardrobe), food (food), decorations (terrace). Each category has its own category, so spending balance is very important.

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Take care of

The condition for Angela cát to lớn function well is health. You have khổng lồ provide everything the character needs khổng lồ help improve the best physical. Every day Angela needs khổng lồ eat, clean, sleep và dance. Keep an eye on the index below the screen & see if the cát is missing anything right away.

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Download My Talking Angela haông xã – Take care and have fun with pretty cats

In addition khổng lồ the main feature just mentioned above, there are many other equally fun activities for you. Even when the game is off, you still hear the cry whenever Angela is hungry or sleepy. Such small interactions alone make us feel lượt thích we are tending to lớn a cát of flesh. Download game My Talking Angela your life from now on there are people khổng lồ share everything.