the act of removing air from a space resulting in a lower pressure in that space, either causing liquid, gases, or other substances khổng lồ enter, or causing two surfaces to lớn stiông xã together:

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the process of reducing air pressure by removing air or liquid from an enclosed space, or the force created by this reduction that causes two surfaces lớn stiông chồng together:
When dispensing the adhesive sầu, the distance between the needle tips & the solar cells gripped by the suction cups must be adjustable.
Still, solute concentrations obtained by zero-tension litter percolate collectors & suction cups are not totally comparable.
In addition lớn satisfying aerodynamic constraints, realization of surface suction is determined by manufacturing capabilities, by structural criteria và by operational considerations.
As was to lớn be expected, suction stabilizes the flow; that is, it reduces the magnitude of the radial và angular velothành phố components.
The molecule is tethered between two beads one held in the dual trap & the other a top a micropipette held by suction.
With one stroke the iconoclast is now able to lớn start the most powerful suction và force pump ever devised.
Because of its simple structure, high moving speed và convenient control, wall-climbing robots with a single suction cup have been widely used.
This discovery reveals that suction-induced transition is precipitated through instabilities of the streamwise vortices.
Consequently, this computational work does not attempt to lớn Model transition induced by discrete suction.
Results from the application of this computational method to lớn real-scale suction surfaces under flight conditions are also presented.

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