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Romance of the Three Kingdoms X: English Translation Patch

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A wonderful group at used to translate Romance of the Three Kingdoms titles released by Koei. They featured these translations on their site. Some time ago, though, it went offline, & ever since the patches they released became one of the most frequently requested items on’s Archives. Fortunately, with thanks to diễn đàn member Ake who provided us with the files, you can now tải về and enjoy them once again—from a location that isn’t going khổng lồ go offline.Bạn sẽ xem: Romance of the three kingdoms x

Japanese to English Patch Downloads

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English Patch for Romance of the Three Kingdoms X (ver. Final; authored by the translation team of English Patch for Romance of the Three Kingdoms X PUK (ver.

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Final; authored by the translation team of

Patch Installation

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Patch Troubleshooting

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First, make sure you are patching the Japanese version of the game. These patches will not work properly with the Chinese version. If you are still having problems check to see if you are using the latest update provided by Koei. If you are, you may have lớn be using a previous version. If not, try updating—odds are it will allow the patch lớn work properly. If you still have problems it bears a second mention—did you place the downloaded (and decompressed) .exe tệp tin in the same directory as your original trò chơi .exe file? If not, that is where it needs to lớn be. If you continue to lớn have problems, though, you might consider posting in our forum, Scholars of Shen Zhou, for additional assistance.

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