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revive an economy/business/market Recent interest rate cuts by the Fed were designed lớn help revive the economy.

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revive sầu sales/profits Almost a quarter of the workforce is being laid off in an attempt lớn revive falling profits.

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A leading retìm kiếm centre is facing closure in a move sầu which has revived fears about scientific promotion of genetically modified crops.
Potential customers at revive fill out a medical history và mention any past surgeries or preexisting conditions.
I seriously have sầu considered being knocked unconscious before boarding a plane, khổng lồ be revived when we lvà.
Paramedics briefly revived her, but a flag-covered gurney was later wheeled out of the hospital as police officers lined up to salute it.
Private freight rail was eventually revived around 1980 through a series of deregulatory measures, but passenger service hasn"t been profitable in half a century.
Local governments concurred, under the profoundly mistaken view that their cities would revive if they were connected to the suburbs by high-tốc độ roads.
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