an amount of money that you pay to lớn someone so as lớn be sure that that person can work for you when you need them to

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an amount of money that you pay khổng lồ someone in advance so that the person will work for you when needed:
an amount of money that you pay lớn a lawyer, consultant (= someone paid khổng lồ give expert advice or training), etc. In order to be sure that they can work for you when you need them to:
Also in a cost-cutting drive khổng lồ combat the serious decline in income, the aristocratic retainers were cut from the budget.
In practice, however, this powerset is sparsely populated because many combinations of retainers are impossible.
However, these remained structurally weak và were mainly centred on renowned individuals, which meant that relationships between leaders and retainers were strongly personalised.
Many tailors were doubly employed as retainers to lớn heads of houses và professors which also partly accounts for their prominence as litigants.
Quite apart from the rare & expensive jewels và lavishly set apartments, an army of retainers provided sumptuous foods & an ever-changing wardrobe of exquisite clothes.
Their staff và auxiliaries were hardly formalised ; they were rather personal retainers and favourites chosen on the spot to lớn fulfil certain tasks in an ad hoc way.
The nobles dissipated their large fortunes as they competed with each other, not in terms of the number & boldness of their retainers, but in a more civilized fashion.
Extending this principle lớn retainers, we should like the profiler khổng lồ be able lớn chart the producers, constructions or lifetimes of all cells held by a specified set of retainers.
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to watch several episodes (= separate parts) of a television series or programme, one after another

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