Principle là gì

If you agree with or believe something in principle, you agree with the idea in general, although you might not tư vấn it in reality or in every situation:

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Someone who agrees to lớn something in principle agrees with the idea, but may not agree with using the idea to lớn bring about practical changes:
In principle I agree that mothers should spkết thúc as much time as possible with their young children, but it isn’t easy.

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a principle of sth Those who paid the most would be earning the most: it"s a pretty basic principle of fair taxation.

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basic/fundamental/general principle The general principles of project management are much the same in the two cases.
on the principle that The organization works on the principle that all members have sầu the same rights.
if you agree with or believe sầu something in principle, you agree with the idea in general, although you might not agree with all the details or support it in every situation:
if something should happen in principle, it should happen in theory although it does not in fact always happen or has not yet happened:
Alternatively, one can propose a general licensing principle that permits such violations at that level.
That principle, khổng lồ reĐiện thoại tư vấn, said that an agent should per size those actions demanded by plans it was optimal to adopt.
He thus sought lớn rehabilitate the doctrine of five principles for his project of philosophical chemistry by providing them with a corpuscular ontology.
The philosophical concept of dependent moral status thus makes a crucial appeal lớn the ethical principle of beneficence.