My Hero Academia Chapter 343 ended with All for One falling for Aoyama’s act. He walks right into lớn that trap that was phối up by the heroes for hyên ổn. However, it’s still All for One we are talking about. This can be his perfect opportunity to lớn get his hands on One for All. Thus, we are witnessing a rare moment when All for one is caught off-guard. Can the heroes make the most of it in My Hero Academia Chapter 343? 

It seems that there’s something that even All for One fears. Yes, you read it right. The pinnacle of evil and monstrosity fears the faint ray of hope that unites everyone together. This is high time for nhật bản to lớn become that ray of light in this anh hùng society drowning in despair, thereby inspiring the entire world to join hands. We bring you the lachạy thử chapter updates of Boku no Hero Academia manga.

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My Hero Academia Spoilers và Raw Scans

Chapter 344 will continue will the final showdown between All for One and the heroes. Since it was their plan to lớn lure All for One here, the heroes must have something up their sleeves lớn finally get rid of hyên. However, I am guessing that the villains aren’t far away. They will show up in no time to lớn aid their sorcerer supreme.

Aoyama betrays All for One

The Final Fight has Begun

As he finishes talking, All for One shows up to take away One for All from Izuku. Well, don’t be angry at Aoyama for betraying his friends. It was all pre-planned khổng lồ make All for One walk right inkhổng lồ the trap set up by heroes. The kingpin of villains wondered how Aoyama went past his lie-detecting quirk. Whatever the case may be, he is cthua trận to One for All, và he still believes that it’s his best opportunity khổng lồ get his hands on it.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 344 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 344 will be released on Sunday, February 20, 2022. The manga is heading towards the final showdown between heroes và the villains, so don’t miss out on the new chapters released every Sunday.

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Where to Read My Hero Academia Chapter 344?

You can read My Hero Academia Chapter 343 on Viz Media’s official website and on the official Shonen Jump ứng dụng. The three latest chapters are freely available, but you must switch to lớn the paid subscription to read the entire series.