Lego Ninjago The Final Battle

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The Masters of Spinjitzu must fight off the samurais that are trying to escape through the bottom of the aremãng cầu. Run, jump and fight around the aremãng cầu & collect elemental orbs khổng lồ change inkhổng lồ different Ninjago ninja's & use their attacks khổng lồ kill the warriors. Once you have sầu fought enough of these guys off the golden bell will appear in the middle of the highest point of the stage & you must go get it to lớn turn inlớn the Golden Nin-Ja. Once you have his power you can attaông chồng và your power will kill anything around you. Kill as many samurais as you can lớn keep progressing through the levels.Lego Ninjago: The Final Battle is one of our many kích hoạt Games that we publish on

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