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Học các từ các bạn cần tiếp xúc một phương pháp tự tin.

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The school issued a statement about its plans to lớn the press./The school issued the press with a statement about its plans.

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Trong tiếng Anh, có rất nhiều phân từ thừa khứ và bây giờ của một từ có thể được dùng như các tính từ. Những ví dụ này rất có thể chỉ ra những tính từ bỏ sử dụng.

However, all the trajectories are finally convected khổng lồ the finger side except that issuing from the finger tip itself.
But it was constitutionally significant, issuing from principles which dramatically belied the existence of a purely personal union.
Similar considerations inhibited governments from issuing official warnings lớn opposition newspapers or from withdrawing their publishing concession.
Issuing this message about the nonstandardized cylinder parameter is another function of the system during đầu ra managing process.
In a concluding chapter he gives personal commentaries on some of the earlier chapters, replying khổng lồ critiques and issuing quite a few challenges.
This argument, however, does not take into tài khoản the revenue obtained by the state during the first round by issuing additional coinage.
Consistently, the wake issuing from the trailing edge is represented by a system of horseshoe vortices aligned with the free stream.
Just governance presupposes the guidance of behavior, và the issuing of prohibitions is necessary for such guidance.
We see that when contributions are higher than pensions, the government is not only rolling over payments, but also issuing new bonds.
A government instrumentality of this kind could supplement its inflow by issuing bonds lớn the general public.
Moreover, firms must finance capital accumulation by issuing bonds that require the corresponding interest payments, considered by these firms as current costs.
It follows from the above optimality condition that the two2 period incentive compatibility contract provides greater insurance cover than does self-insurance from issuing risk-free bonds.
Firstly, it clearly fostered the sale of common lands by issuing legislation which favoured the establishment of private ownership rights.
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a programme that is made to introduce a new radio or television series and test how popular it is

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