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Announcing a magical value-packed, gaming event: the sixth Complete Edition of the reference in Fantasy Strategy RPG is now available. It includes the critically acclaimed Might và Magic Heroes VI, two original Adventure Packs và the Standalone Expansion featuring the Dark-Elf Dungeon faction .


Might & Magic Heroes VI, two original Adventure Packs và the Standalone Expansion featuring the Dark-Elf Dungeon faction ."data-ratingtext="Animated Blood, Violence"data-ratingadditionaltext="">


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Product description

Might và Magic Heroes 6 for PC grants you the full range of nội dung that this thrilling prequel to lớn Might và Magic Heroes V has lớn offer, giving you access to lớn exciting turn-based gameplay & several thrilling additions khổng lồ the Might & Magic universe. Four hundred years before the events of Might và Magic Heroes V, a legendary Archangel General is resurrected, và he plots lớn reclaim control of Ashan. You must lead the members of the Griffin Dynasty, who have not yet taken the Imperial throne, to lớn stop hyên ổn.

Shades of Darkness

When you tải về Might & Magic Heroes 6 Complete Edition, you have the option to download Shades of Darkness Complete Edition, its standalone expansion. Shades of Darkness recounts the events that occur a century after the main campaign of Might & Magic Heroes VI. Through two br& new campaigns, you must decide the fate of two factions: the Dark Elves of Dungeon và the Necromancers of Necropolis. This dark chapter of Ashan’s history is an exciting counterpart lớn the main chiến dịch of Might & Magic Heroes 6. With a variety of new nội dung added along with two new campaigns, Shades of Darkness is sure lớn please.

Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre is an exciting adventure pachồng that allows you to play the villain. Play as the Wizard Sandro, who was ejected from the ranks of the Spider Cult & exiled from the Seven Cities years before the events of Might and Magic Heroes 6. Years later, he has returned, và he wants revenge. Help hyên find the staff of the Netherworld, an artifact he desperately needs khổng lồ exedễ thương his evil plot. Sandro is cutthroat, villainous and Machiavellian, & for these reasons, he makes an exciting character khổng lồ play. With over 10 hours of game play, his story is not lớn be missed.

Pirates of the Savage Sea

After the events of Heroes VI, multiple ships have sầu mysteriously disappeared in the Savage Sea. Of course, the Savage Sea is home lớn very dangerous waters, but the captains of the disappeared ships are extremely experienced seafarers. You play as Crag Hachồng, a pirate legend called out of retirement by the Pirate Council to figure out exactly what is going on. There is a rumor going around that a dangerous Thunderbird is responsible for the disappearances; if that is so, you are responsible for finding that Thunderbird and taking it out. This campaign takes you through more than 10 hours of exciting gameplay.

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Classic Yet Updated Gameplay

Might and Magic Heroes 6 features all of the classic, exciting turn-based gameplay that gamers have come khổng lồ expect from the Might & Magic series, and key updates keep its gameplay innovative without leading it astray. A streamlined resource system makes sure that gameplay is streamlined và focused on the action at hand, & a new, points-based reputation system allows you to make towns leap between factions depending on your actions. Five sầu factions, each with an individual chiến dịch, give you the option to be good, evil or neutral, and they ensure that Might và Magic Heroes 6 stays fresh even after multiple replays.

Key Features

Enjoy the critically acclaimed Heroes gameplay in a new enhanced premium edition: more than 120 hours of gameplay, 6 factions, 42 units và their upgrades, hundreds of artefacts và new Dynasty Weapons.Experience the quality phối of Turn-Based Strategy & RPG: Explore extra-large adventure maps, collect resources & build extraordinary cities. Perfect your tactics, level-up your heroes, recruit troops & lead them to combat on tactical battle maps Shape your destiny: Lead your Heroes through an intriguing scenario. Choose your path và customize your gaming experience thanks lớn a brand new Reputation system.Unveil new secrets of Ashan: Experience original and breathtaking returns of legendary “Legacy” Heroes, Crag Haông chồng and Sandro, as well as historically crucial moments in the origins of the fan-favorite Necromancer & Dark Elf factions.Enjoy extra bonus maps: re-discover the old Worlds of Varn, Xeen và Enroth, from the Might & Magic famous RPGs.Dive inkhổng lồ the richness of the M&M Universe:Discover fantastic landscapes and creatures from the world of Ashan. Enjoy improved 3 chiều designs and brvà new Townscreens.

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