It is being reported today that the plot for Game of Thrones has leaked và its almost too crazy to lớn believe.

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Be warned! This next Game of Thrones story is one big spoiler. And you"ll only hate yourself for reading it. It purportedly contains the entire plot for Game of Thrones Season 7. There are some big reveals contained within. And it"s not for anyone who wants to lớn be surprised, or have the joy of discovering these new episodes for the first time as they premiere on HBO. Are we clear? Do you understand? Reading beyond his point means you"ll be completely spoiled going into lớn Game of Thrones Season 7 when it debuts this summer.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, we can continue. Apparently, if you haven"t heard yet, the entire plot of trò chơi of Thrones Season 7 has leaked online, though no one from HBO or the show"s creative sầu team have confirmed that. Huffington Post were the first to discover the leak on Reddit, from a user going by the name awayforthelads. And to lớn say this person has divulged some secrets is speaking lightly.

Many at first thought this was some well thought out guess work. But then legitimate trò chơi of Thrones new sites such as Watchers on the Wall began to lớn confirm some of these incoming plot points via various mix photos & sources cthua trận to lớn the production. And then, adding fuel to the fire, the Reddit account was obliterated & turned lớn dust. But that didn"t stop the leaked story from spreading lượt thích wildfire.

So far, HBO is remaining quiet, probably hoping the whole thing will float inlớn the ether. But the move sầu on their part is uncharacteristically unlượt thích the network, who went apeshit when Season 5 episodes were leaked early. These plot rumors, if real, promise a pregnancy, a heart-stopping hook-up and the return of some key characters. It also reveals the end of some great houses. There are a lot of deaths. And there is one scene involving feces that will have sầu jaws hitting the floor. Do you really want to lớn continue past this point? Seriously? Turn back now.

Still there? Okay, we see you are a glutton for punishment. The Game of Thrones Season 7 plot is going to see Cersei, Dany and Jon Snow team up to fight the White Walkers. Jon will not bkết thúc his knee lớn Cersei, but he has agreed to lớn relinquish his King in the North title if she helps battle this encroaching threat in the North. This will be the set up for one of the show"s most anticipated scenes ever.

Cersei, Tyrion, Jon, Daenerys, Jorah, Varys, Missandei, Qyburn, Euron Greyjoy, The Mountain and The Hound will finally unite at the Dragon Pit in King"s Landing. It is here that Jon delivers an undead wight, proving that the 7 Kingdoms need to lớn team-up against the Night"s King. Cersei can"t let this stand, so she agrees. Only there"s a big twist. When the time comes for her armies to lớn head North, she pulls out. Her hope is that the White Walkers will thin out her opponents.

Jaime is disgusted with his sister. He gives up on her and decided khổng lồ ride North lớn join the massive battle. It is here that we learn Cersei may be pregnant with Jaime"s baby. Later in the season, she will awaken in a blood-soaked bed, believed to lớn have suffered a miscarriage. There is also reportedly a scene showing how Jon captured the wight, which features a team consisting of Tormund Giantsbane, Beric Dondarrion, The Hound, Thoros of Myr và Jorah north of the wall.

This group is attacked and left surrounded on an isl& in the middle of a frozen lake by the Night"s King. Thoros is the first major death listed in these new spoilers. He is offed by an angry wight polar bear, which means that Beric is down to his last life. The second death is Jon Snow"s uncle Benjen, otherwise known as Coldhands, who also dies trying to protect Jon.

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As luông chồng would have it, the group is rescued by Daenerys và her three dragons. But Viserion, the third death listed, is killed at the hands of the Night"s King. The poor dragon is resurrected though, and becomes the Night King"s mount. He can breath xanh flame, và is said to lớn be used khổng lồ destroy The Wall. This eventually leads to what is being called the most inevitable moment in the entire season. We"ve heard before that Jon Snow and Daenerys will finally meet. These lademo spoilers clalặng that the two will eventually find their way khổng lồ bed and make sweet love sầu in Episode 7 of Season 7, which is reportedly the season finale.

One returning character in Season 7 is Gendry. He was last seen rowing away from Dragonstone in Season 3. Previous reports have claimed he will return, and it sounds even more likely now. He will reemerge at King"s Landing, where he will be seen forging weapons. Davos will crack a "still rowing" joke when he is found. Also returning is Nymeria, Arya"s direwolf, who hasn"t been seen since she was chased away by Arya in Season 1.

Speaking of Arya, her first order of business will be to lớn sumtháng every last one of the Freys using the face of Walder, who she assassinated in Season 6. She will sover all of the women out, propose a toast, & then proceed to lớn poisoned the whole lot of them. Littlefinger will also play into lớn the Arya plot line. He will try to play Arya off against her own sister, putting the letter Sansa wrote khổng lồ Robb under the duress of the Lannisters khổng lồ good use. Sansa will be able lớn see through this ruse. With the help of Bran, Sansa has him killed, and Arya will be revealed as the executioner.

Also returning is Jorah, who has been cured of his greyscale by Sam. Sam discovered an tài khoản of an old maester in Oldtown who had cured himself. It"s also said that Sam and Bran will be the ones that discover Jon Snow"s true heritage. And Jon"s real name will be revealed as Aegon.

Meanwhile, Gilly will happen upon the fact that Rhaegar"s marriage has been annulled. And that he remarried Lyanna Stark, legitimizing Jon"s clalặng on the throne. There will be a flashback khổng lồ the wedding to help further flesh out this story line.

Backing up a slight bit, it is said that the Lannister army will attachồng Dorne and Highgarden. This will completely wipe out what"s left of house Martell và Tyrell. We"ll also see Lady Olenmãng cầu admit to lớn Jaime that she is the one who killed Joffrey. Lady Olenmãng cầu will be forced to snuff out her own existence with some powerful poison. Later on, Dany will ambush part of the Lannister army, & she will be the victor, despite their heavy possession of anti-dragon artillery designed by Qyburn.

Exhausted yet? Well, we haven"t even gotten to Tyrion. He"s been a bit worried about Dany"s temperament. She has instructed Drogon khổng lồ burn various Westeros lords, including Sam"s father Randyll. All because they refused to lớn bow before her. We"ll also see more of the Ironborn. Euron is said lớn come across and destroy Yara"s fleet, thus taking her prisoner as Theon narrowly escapes the madness. Two of the Svà Snakes will die at the hands of Euron, and he"ll capture Ellaria. This is said to take place after he forges an alliance with the untrustworthy Cersei.

Euron is actually freaked out by the wight. He is the one who asks if they can swlặng. His request is denied, và he eventually returns to Pyke. To wrap this all up, Theon will eventually meet with Jon Snow. He only allows hyên khổng lồ live sầu, because he saved Sansa. It is reported that these events may not play out in this exact order. And some of these spoilers may come on as a little confusing.

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Because Winter has arrived in Westeros, shooting the new episodes for trò chơi of Thrones Season 7 had been pushed bachồng. This means that the all-new season will debut later than usual, with it mix khổng lồ arrive sầu summer 2017. Perhaps you will forget everything you"ve sầu read here in that time. Unlượt thích the previous ten episode seasons, Game of Thrones Season 7 will only run seven episodes.