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Probes nick-translated to tát yield denatured fragments primarily ranging in size from 500 bases to tát 100 bases yielded strongest and cleanest signals.

Just as post-structuralism fragmented the subject, ecological theory objectified biological contexts as stable systems.

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Two are made on flakes, two on pieces of tabular quartzite and the remainder on irregular fragments or broken flakes.

The majority consist of flakes or broken flakes but there are also some thin fragments of tabular quartzite.

In common with two of the pointed fragments of elephant bones described above, this specimen bears many longitudinal cracks.

If too small a unit is chosen the data will be hopelessly fragmented; a division into departments, for example, would be impossible to tát interpret.

Elsewhere, however, the dominant impression is of a piecemeal, even fragmented network, in which many roads had been started but few entirely finished.

Every group of human beings has a mix of agreed emotive fragments.

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From some points of view it does not really matter whether these fragments originated as invading parasites or breakaway rebels.

The different fragments, however, each manifest more and less progressive variants and show marks of the new social movement heritage of the 1970s.

From government to tát fragmented local governance or more integrated urban governance?

In major cities where local government is fragmented and has little ability to tát represent the urban area, employers' organisations may play a more important role.

Particular minerals can be recognised by their characteristic optical properties sánh fragments can be identified.

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No significant sequence conservation was observed in these short removed receptor fragments of variable lengths.

Restriction fragments were visualized on 3% agarose gels containing 1% ethidium bromide.

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