Foreground Là Gì

the people, objects, countryside, etc. in a picture or photograph that seem nearest to lớn you và size its main part:

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Figure 2 foregrounds the classroom as the context of enactment, embedded in the encircling contexts.
Whereas authentication concerns the construction of a true or veridical identity, denaturalization foregrounds untruth, pretense, and imposture in identity positioning.
Waetjen addresses this well-recognized feature of the region"s politics by foregrounding the importance of masculinity.
The foreground"s curvilinear stair - part of the twisting entry sequence - is the only reference to the world below.
In the early grades, the regulative sầu register is foregrounded, but as students move sầu inlớn the higher grades, it becomes more implicit.
Anybody toàn thân và everytoàn thân was selling, with anybody toàn thân foregrounded in line 27, because it was so cheap, again foregrounded.
The adverbial easily foregrounds some (unnamed) property/ies which promote, & which can be construed as primarily responsible for, a book"s sellability.
In section 7, we discuss some examples which illustrate qualia foregrounding as a factor contributing khổng lồ the acceptability of middles.
Any music carries with it claims for various traditions and legacies; it foregrounds certain influences &, just as importantly, obscures others.
The recent upsurge of transnational history foregrounds international organisations and their role in shaping of the contemporary world.

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the practice of not eating or using any animal products, such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, or leather

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