How to fix "failed to get player information from the server" error in pokémon go


For at least an hour I've been receiving the same message when attempting to log in, saying "failed to get game data from the server." My fiancee is able to login just fine. Has anyone else had this problem or any ideas on how to fix it? I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app


It could still be many things such as a connection issue for your phone, but that is the message you get when your account is perma-banned...

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Are you both on the same OS? Same login method (PTC/Google/Facebook)?

Well I've never used any cheating apps or anything so I sure hope I didn't get banned. We both use Google to login but she's iPhone and I'm on Android. I just haven't seen anyone else with server issues on Android

im having the same issue i was playing fine doing raids with a group out of my alliance and took a break went to get back on and i get the message also

We encountered this error today. Fixed it by:

Validating that Google Play Games was installed - unsure if this was needed, but the app was missing, so I installed it.

Changed the network the device was using. I was on Wifi before on this device, so I connected instead to a hotspot instead, so now I was on cellular.

With those two changes, we were able to log in.

Try to login from your fiancé’s phone. Check your internet connection. Clear cache and data(i think unistalling does this part) If this didn’t work then your account got banned. Sorry.

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I've had this error twice, both times after PTC was down for a while but after it started working again. So I think it was more of an internal Niantic server problem, rather than my network connection.

I wasn't banned, and I was able to log in and play a little while later (a few minutes in one case, about a half hour in the other). Hopefully if you wait a little while the problem will be resolved, unless you actually did something ban-worthy.

When the research feature was just released, I got the same message. I tried restarting app, uninstalling, rebooting my phone and everything, but still got the same message after a couple of hours. I have never used any third party apps except those that only use screenshots, so I don’t think I have been banned. I tried to start a new account on the same device and it was working fine.

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I didn’t know what went wrong, but it probably had to do with my account, so I emailed Niantic. However, I could log in normally again after a few hours but before I got replied.

When I did get replied though, it said something that was completely useless: “You’ll need to log out of the account you’re currently signed into and sign in with the email address and login method you originally used to create your Pokémon GO account.”