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A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy"s covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count lớn prove it. He also likes tennis games way more than you.

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Thu 28th Aquảng bá 2022

Wait when was it confirmed the Spider-Man, Death Stranding ect are the PS5 versions?


Thu 28th Atruyền thông quảng cáo 2022

Since it"s now folded inlớn the PS+ brand, will this menu be kept more up-to-date than the Now menu was?


DualWielding It"s not 100% confirmed but we"ll obviously be updating this daily so will reflect that if it"s not the PS5 versions. As PS5 games like Returnal are included, we"re making an assumption here.


PenguinL It just so happens most RPGs make their way khổng lồ PS, though the normal gamut of exclusives isn"t much anything I"m into. Because of the RPGs available, I also have PSNow and PS Plus for fighting games. So count 1 lol.

Alternatively this is a good reminded for anyone who has not yet gotten the PS plus games this month TO GET SLAY THE SPIRE.

get2sammyb: I"m surprised lớn see a game on the PS Plus Collection being removed. Should I assume that this could happen lớn any of the games on this list?

hobbes242 the original contracts were for 18 months, only Persomãng cầu 5 wasn"t renewed. I assume everything else in the collection should be safe for another 18 months.

Something seems up between Sega (parent of Atlus) and Sony subscriptions. All Sega games are leaving PS+ collection và Now in May. I wonder if there"ll be a Sega subscription or something coming up.

Thu 28th Atruyền thông quảng cáo 2022

Milktastrophe Thanks for the info!

Thu 28th Atruyền thông quảng cáo 2022

Milktastrophe I had ignored the Microsoft buying Sega runors so far bit the removal of all Sega games from Sony"s suscriptions have sầu me worried they are indeed being bought or that they have agreed lớn made their nội dung exclusive sầu lớn game pass as far as suscriptions go

DualWielding Sega and Microsoft have always been cthua trận since the Dreamcast era, unfortunately the giảm giá makes sense, the sad thing will be if PlayStation loses atlus & Persona games

Fri 29th Aquảng cáo 2022

Wait, the PS3 games will be available for download? I"ve been out of the loop for some time and the last time I was reading news -sorry, guys- (when "Spartacus" was announced) PS3 games were kindomain authority lượt thích PS Now.

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Tue 3rd May 2022

Something that PS+X/P.. desperately needs that Now currently lacks is a way to lớn browse the library on the PS App.

4 days ago

I dont understand....if you like a game just buy it instead of what? Leasing it is this what this is a monthly lease, Ill just pay up front

get2sammyb on the PlayStation blog it tells you if it"s the ps4 version, ps5 version or both

Death stranding is ps4/ps5Spiderman is ps4Spiderman miles morales is ps4/ps5

DualWielding also sega have been asking xbox and nintenvị players if they would like to lớn see persona games come khổng lồ their console.

I just think whatever giảm giá sony had with sega/atlus is now fully over, & future main persona games & remakes will be multi platform

4 days ago

I only see one psp game on the list. I’m really digging that if you bought the digital game previously, you still own it, Nintenvày please pay attention.

UltimateOtaku91 Yep, we updated now. That bình luận was from a few weeks ago. We need a better system for comments on these kind of articles!

4 days ago

We"ve sầu got this in a good place for today, all the information is there, and we"re using some new tech on the backover which will make this as accurate as possible moving forwards.

There are still some more usability improvements we"d like lớn make, & hopefully they will come before this launches in the US!

In the meantime, let me know if you notice any issues or inaccuracies!

4 days ago

As somebody toàn thân who mainly plays RPGs I think this danh mục is pretty disappointing. Wild Arms 3 is the only game that stands out và its not even that great of one. Hopefully Shadow Hearts or Some other Shin Megami games will come out. I would love a new port of Digital Devil Saga or Devil Summoner.

4 days ago

hopefully they add more ps2 games as no sign of breath of fire, shadow hearts or ps1 rpgs lượt thích legover of dragoon, koudelka etc

4 days ago

Ok I’m underwhelmed. The new stuff is solid. Not spectacular but solid and similar khổng lồ GPU. The classics announced are terrible. 8 ps1 and 1 psp?!? Why bother? The PS3 stuff is a backwards or at most sidewards step from what we have on now currently.I thought they were going lớn blow me away but instead they’ve done a Nintenvì and done the very very very bare minimum. I’m stacked on cheap codes for three years so it eases the pain much like I only pay £3 a month for GPU so the fact 22 will have no Xbox exclusives stings a little less. But no way is this service worth a tenner a month.

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4 days ago

The danh mục of PS2 games was the same games we had since the PS3 days for the UK store, so right now if you want that feature it"s not really worth investing in. And unless your a PS5 owner your bit getting full benefits of the most expensive sầu tier unless you"ve sầu already played/own/owned those games I really don"t think they"ve sầu thought of a GamePass Ultimate competitive system it"s very underwhelming

get2sammyb agreed. The whole launch has been a farce really. I think doing a proper bells và all showcase with the full list. Price and launch date would have been far better. This drip feeding loses a lot of goodwill & momentum. The Ubisoft thing should have been big news but I then look at classic menu và think. If that isn’t the complete danh sách why pichồng 1 psp game và 8 ps1 games to announce và a couple of PS2 ps4 versions… no one is gonna get buzzed by it… save the classics for another day or announce it properly.

3 days ago

Thank you for taking the time and energy to lớn work on an up-to-date các mục, your hard work is very much appreciated!