Reminder that the nâng cấp is half off

Prepare lớn die, Dark Souls: Prepare lớn Die Edition.

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While the original 2012 released PC port thrived after myriad updates, it’s now completely wiped from purchase on Steam khổng lồ pave the way for the newly minted remaster. You can still tải về it, you can look at the cool ibé of the Blaông chồng Knight — you just can’t buy it if you’re a new potential onlooker.

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Instead, you’ll be able to lớn piông xã up the Remastered edition on May 25 when it’s released on PC, PS4, & Xbox One (Switch was delayed), which sports dedicated servers & DLC bundled in. As a reminder if you own the Prepare to Die Edition already, you can grab Remastered for half off.

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Dark Souls


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